Town and City Vocabulary

Town and City Vocabulary

En el área de Social Science estamos aprendiendo los distintos lugares y objetos que podemos encontrar en un pueblo y en una ciudad.

Learn vocabulary for things that you see in town. Perfect for the classroom and young children!

Vocabulary includes: bakery, bank. bookstore, bus stop, cake shop, coffee shop, dentist doctor’s, office, drug store, flower shop, gas station, hospital, library, movie theater, park, pool, post office, restaurant, school, supermarket, toy store, train station, zoo and map.


Learn vocabulary and short sentences about your town and city with this gentle learning video about town.

Library – I borrow books from the library.

Movie theater – I watch movies at the movie theater.

Park – I play in the park.

Pool – I swim in the pool.

Post office – I mail a letter at the post office.

Restaurant – I eat at a restaurant.

School – I learn a lot at school.

Supermarket – I buy food at the supermarket.

Toy store – I buy toys at the toy store.

Train station – I catch a train at the train station.

Zoo – I see animals at the zoo.

Map – A map is a picture of a place.

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