Videos: Learn English – Actions

Videos: Learn English – Actions Vocabulario niños – verbos de acción – palabras de la acción – Aprender Inglés para niños – video educativo Inglés Esta categoría «vocabulario de los niños» ha sido agrupados por temas. Esperamos que disfrute de estudiar con nuestros vídeos del canal. Divertirse y suscribirse a nuestro canal. A continuación, se … Leer más

Videos infantiles para aprender inglés: Pocoyo invisible

Videos infantiles para aprender inglés: Pocoyo invisible   Pocoyo finds a fantastic new toy: a machine that makes things invisible! He wants to show his friends his exciting discovery but they are too busy doing their own thing. Pocoyo is miffed but then realises that he can have some fun with them, without them … Leer más

Learn a lot with Peppa pig

We are going to learn a lot with Peppa pig! Learn how to count until ten and different games to play at school (skiping, hula hooping..). In the second episode Mummy pig is cooking pancakes for the family, watch the video and enjoy!!


Answer the questions:

1. What are numbers for?
2. Can you count higher than four?
3. Until what number can Rebeca rabbit count?
4. It is play time, what game do the children like playing?
5. Who can skip the most without stopping?
6. What is Pedro doing? How many can Pedro do without stopping?
7. What part of her body is Emily elephant using to do hula-hooping?
8. What does George want to play?(pídola)
9. What game are they going to play at the end of the class?


Write in Spanish:

Well done:
Play time:
Without stopping:
Skipping rope:


1. What’s mummy pig’s big surprise for tea time?
2. Does Peppa like pancakes?
3. What is daddy pig an expert on?
4. Why was daddy pig grumpy?
5. What do you need to make pancakes?
6. What is the secret of making a good pancake?
7. Where is daddy pig’s pancake?


Write in English:

Flipping over:
Frying pan:

Video en inglés para aprender las partes del cuerpo

Las partes del cuerpo

Vídeo de inglés para aprender las partes del cuerpo
A través de este vídeo de un curso de aprendizaje de inglés para niños.

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